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Are you experiencing a sexual setback?

Having trouble leading a satisfying and rewarding sex life?

Having even more trouble figuring out why?


Everyone experiences sexually rooted issues at some point throughout their life, whether you can’t shake sexual shame or you’re learning to cope with sexual trauma. These issues can be overwhelming and confusing, but I’m here to guide you through them. Let me help you gain insight on where your troubles are stemming from, as well as clarity on how to navigate healing from them.


You deserve to lead a healthy and fulfilling sex life, and doing so will contribute to your overall mental wellness and wellbeing. Let’s work together to get you there!


Danielle is a Registered Marriage and Family Intern in the state of Florida and a current student of the Institute for Sexuality Enlightenment and Education (ISEE). Danielle holds a Master of Arts in Marriage, Couples & Family Therapy from the University of Central Florida and is currently working toward a license in Marriage & Family Therapy as well as a dual certificate in Sex Therapy & Education (ISEE).


Danielle has also worked as a Sexual Assault Counselor & Advocate in the state of Florida and has extensive experience working with survivors of sexual trauma. Operating from a CBT-informed narrative perspective, Danielle believes that clients can reclaim autonomy of their lives by rewiring irrational thoughts and the resulting emotions & behaviors to rewrite their daily narratives. With her help, you’re one step closer to having the sex life you’ve always wanted!

Danielle currently practices as a Registered Marriage & Family Therapy Intern (IMT3534) in the state of Florida and practices under the supervision of Dr. Gulnora Hundley, LMHC, LMFT (MH9563, MT3343)

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