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Sexual Wellness Support Sessions

Sexual Wellness Support Sessions are for clients who may have specific questions about sexual health, need guidance on ways to enhance sexual pleasure or even just want to brush up on basic sex education.

Similar to coaching, support sessions are also ideal for clients who have specific questions or issues they want to address, but need short-term guidance, planning and/or resources to address those issues. Danielle typically works with these clients for up to 3 months, though timing may vary.

Please note that Support sessions are not the same as therapy sessions, though Danielle may use therapy-informed techniques (such as goal setting and action planning) to help you achieve your goals. Any Support session clients who express.

 interest in or demonstrate appropriateness for individual therapy will be referred to a provider in their area.

Support sessions are open to clients who:

  • Are 18 or older

  • Reside in any of the 50 states

  • Reside outside of the US

Please note that all support & therapy sessions require a FREE 15-minute consultation prior to booking. Your session will be booked at the end of the consultation.

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