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Cannabis & the Solo (Sex) Sesh

Happy Single’s Day! If your typical evening involves you, an eighth and your top drawer (or hand), this day and this article are for you! People always talk about how great sex with another person can be after smoking a j or taking an edible, but what about using cannabis to enhance solo sex? No matter your method of consumption, I’d highly recommend it before your next solo sesh, for multiple reasons:

  1. Smoking cannabis in general can promote mindfulness, which can be especially helpful during solo sex (or ‘masturbating’)! Increased mindfulness during solo play can allow you to check in with your body and pay more attention to what it needs and what feels good. And if you know what feels good, you can do more of it (and maybe even show your partner how to, as well)!

  2. Studies have shown that cannabis can enhance sensation during sex, which could make for more pleasurable solo play. Combined with the increased mindfulness and doing more of what feels good, that increase in sensation could lead to more explosive & enjoyable solo sessions.

  3. If you’re someone who tends to orgasm during solo play especially, you’re in luck! Research has also shown that consuming cannabis before sex can produce more frequent & intense orgasms – just imagine the possibilities if all the focus is on you & your pleasure!

  4. Many people have also reported feeling more creative after consuming cannabis, especially depending on the type of strain you’re using. More creativity during solo play could have you trying different positions, different toy combinations, or any other ideas you may not have thought about otherwise! Again, the possibilities are endless…

If you’re thinking about consuming before your next solo session, keep in mind that smoking or vaping is probably the quickest (albeit least healthy) way to get a buzz but that’s not your only option. You can try edibles, but make sure you know your limits with them. It can be very easy to underestimate even10 mg if that’s not what you’re used to and going overboard can induce anxiety, panic, and discomfort, none of which are conducive to good sex (solo or otherwise).

And if you don’t want to smoke, vape or eat your cannabis, you can always use a cannabis-infused topical, oil or lube. Brands like Foria Wellness, Privy Peach & Engerotics sell CBD-infused lubes & massage oils for the purpose of enhancing sexual pleasure, decreasing sexual pain and (hopefully) helping you have better orgasms. Just make sure you do your own research and consult with a health professional before using any topical on your own body, and keep in mind that not all oils/lubes are compatible with all sex toy materials.

So if you’ve been thinking about it, or need some extra encouragement to celebrate Single’s Day, take this article as your go-ahead! We here at Sex(Pot) Therapy support you 🙂

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